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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Shadow Bahamut Trial Takedown 20170513

This esper-trial-raid boss is among the easier ones when you get the hang of it’s dynamic. I’ve wasted exactly 160NRG before kicking it to the curb. Didn’t get all achievements but this very easy method will get you the win… for now, if it indeed is a bug when Megaflare doesn’t fire.

Only the very first couple of turns are important here. Buff SPR over 40% with one character and defend with the rest. This character will go down because of the Megaflare while the rest would be hanging on by some measure.

Next turn would see your party being buffed with elemental resistance via Omni Veil or some other elemental buff coverage like it. Then just attack with skills or otherwise without breaking any stat (neither full or partial should be used) Revive, heal up, and just maintain SPR up + elemental resistance and you should have it down no problems.

Shadow Bahamut has one threshold attack in the form of Maelstrom which will hit for 99%of remaining HP. Heal from this and continue the pattern to defeat the Shadow Bahamut.

See you guys on the Farplane! 

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Gilgamesh Takedown 20170315

At long last, at encounter number 8/9 (kept count because of the insane amount of NRG required to access the trial), I’ve finally beaten Greg (this is Gilgamesh’s alternative name)! And with just 5 units too! Did not get that Limit Break kill (10% Moogle) and the No Item (Bushido-Freedom Skill) requirement yet but I’ll be back for em most definitely.

If you have not read anything outside of this guide, here are key points to remember when doing this trial

  • Greg has 1,000,000 HP so expect a long fight
  • During the first turn Greg has a specific set of command to go thru so seals don’t need to be applied yet.
  • Greg has HP Thresholds: 80%, 50%, and 30% at which time he would (1) OHKO a unit (2) buff his DEF/SPR (3) damage your team, and dispel all your enhancements
  • ! This OHKO can be directed using provoke/draw attacks/fish
  • Greg has element based attacks which needs to be sealed which are:
  • Fire (Must Seal) MP Drain and ATK/DEF Break
  • Wind (Must Seal) Paralyze and Resistance Debuff
  • Water (Seal) MAG/SPR Break
  • Light (Must Seal) Confuse
  • Earth (Seal) ST -75% HP
  • And a global exclusive Lightning (Must Seal) Paralyze past the 50% Threshold
  • Sealing is done by hitting Greg with an attack that has the same attribute which can be from an elemental weapon, magic, or hybrid damage.
  • Equipping multiple elemental weapons with Dual Wield, allows for sealing of more than one element at a time.
  • Lightning can only be sealed by Magic or Hybrid Damage… weapons alone won’t work.
  • After Greg gets hit with the Water element the third time he will use Break which is a self buff that can easily be dispelled. You can time this so that it will coincide with passing a threshold and get a “free” turn without the need to seal. This will only happen once.
  • You also dont need to seal when passing a threshold as he will use his 3 stage attack on you.
  • Greg will attack between 6-8 times during each of his turns.

Here’s the team I had for when I completed this trial:

Noctis with DW and Ring of Lucii- Sealer 2 / Damage 2 (Light, Fire)

with DW – Sealer 1 (Water, Lightning, Wind)

with DC – Heal/Res

– Provoke Tank, Dispel

Friend – Damage 1, Support, and Sacrificial Lamb during thresholds

Things I did differently from my earlier 7/8 attempts:

  • Geared my Noctis for survivability rather than damage
  • Equipped Ramza with a lot of HP gear, had him up to around 7k
  • Used only 5 units! Yes this was the first time I attempted the trial with only 5 units and with close to no elemental overlap too!
  • Let go of Rain. Was originally using him to seal 4 elements at once using Lava Floor (Fire and Earth) with a Lightning and Wind weapon equipped.
  • Let go of Bartz. Was originally using Bartz as Sealer 2 (Gale Barrage, Water and Light Weapon) and Support with Entrust and possibly Life Giver. Will probably use him again for the No Items achievement lest I land a better MP battery unit.
  • Crafted a Water Blade which uses 3MP! This and the Stone Blade should be the sealing skills that you’re using! Forget Lava Floor!
  • With this attempt I intentionally want sealing the Earth element. It is risky, but luck was on my side this time.

Battle highlights:

During one turn, this was nearing or just over the 30% threshold, to my horror, Greg downed my Ramza with a couple of X-Slashes (curse you RNG). I had to bust out the Lightning Flask with my Noctis and left the unsealed elements to chance. Provoke was likely down at this time.

It was only past the final threshold that I had to pop an Elixir on Refia, otherwise Cecil would’ve gone down due to lack of healing and with that my chance at finally finishing Greg off.

Also used an elixir on Noctis friend to get my Warp Break chain up to finish the job.

In retrospect, I had a full LB bar on Ramza at the final turn, should’ve entrusted that to Noctis, activated Armiger, and got the Moogle >< I had forgotten all about the achievement because I was finally killing Greg LOL… or did I do that intentionally so that I’ll face him again? XDD

This trial is among the hardest in Global ATM however I do believe I spent even more NRG during the Maxwell one whilst trying to get her. How’s your experience getting your Genji Blade?

See you guys at the Farplane!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Playthrough Update 20170118

Since maintenance is going to last around an hour and a half more, let me tell you about the fine early morning that I had:


That’s right, I finally pulled one of the top attackers in current meta and the most flexible among the three (Lightning, Luneth, and Noctis… hmm Gilgamesh may count so four…) to boot! I know it’s not going to be longer that Orlandeau is out but hey, Noctis should still be very relevant for content… (Chizuru come out so that we can get that Blade Mastery off of you XDD)

It was past 2AM when I finally spent the 250 for the day and when the gold stripe showed up I was still secretly whispering in my head for it to be an Ace… when it broke and reformed into a rainbow, I was too excited to take a screenshot that I had already hit the screen and the crystal already started to give off light from it’s cracks. And when the initial attack animation had died down (he’ll do a warping attack so you won’t see him immediately) I couldn’t be any happier… cause I’ve been rainbow trolled before (Duane and Gaffgarion) and that absolutely salty!

It’s funny because when he was on the banner, I had expelled all the available summon tickets and lapis I had then to no avail… and now, just a couple of weeks after, he finally joins my team! You should know that, at current time, the character pool for possible rainbow pulls is quite sizeable, as we’ve yet to get the update for a guaranteed 5-star base character upon a rainbow crystal… its a very small percentage to get a top tier non-banner unit that’s why I was channeling Ace during the few seconds of uncertainty.

I believe I have around three Mog King events worth of 6-star awakening materials just waiting to be used and it’s quite timely that I get him now that a hundred gigantuars are still available from Mog King’s stash. I can immediately awaken and max level Prince Noctis but I’m taking my time, maybe upgrade his Limit Break a bit… after all, I had been going through content with Dark Knight Cecil (DKC) as main DPS unit apart from Cloud of Darkness (CoD) for a while now. When maintenance ends, Rain should be available to awaken to 6 (though I might not just do this yet… or just awaken and not level, i’ll think about it) and Dangerous Ariana is up next with some weird farmable awakening materials… naturally I’ll also accomplish that.

As far as the events that have transpired goes, Dark Fina was an ok opponent for my current party… didn’t really need to read through the boards to take her down… it was the same for the Snowman raid event, that’s why you have not read about it from me ><

Here are some notable gacha 4-star base pulls that I have not touched yet… aggressively:


It does not include the Warrior of Light that I already have maxed out at 5 eagerly waiting for the announcement for his 6-star awakening… him along with Firion were going into the fray had I not landed an attacker in Noctis:


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius requires an incredible amount of time; It remains fun for me that’s why I’m still on it, especially since we have the JP version of the game as a measure of how much more of a future there is in the game as far as content and story is concerned. That’s it for now, I hope you also had a good day with great luck in the gacha.

Never let RNG bring you down I say ^^ See you in the Farplane!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Two Headed Dragon Takedown 20161212

​I’ve debated posting about this because the dragon requires a very basic approach to defeat.

As you can see from both the beginning and nearly finishing screencaps it poses less of a challenge than other Trial Bosses before it. The only thing you need to remember when doing this encounter is that you SHOULD NOT perform anything other than normal attacks when damaging the dragon… that’s it.

What is essential for this challenge would be a fully geared attacking unit which, in my current unit pool, would be Dark Knight Cecil (DKC) having the highest base attack stat. I geared him with everything that will pump up the NORMAL attack (as using Barrage is considered an ABILITY use and the dragon doesn’t like that either): Atk+10s, Dual Wield, Enhancer, Twin Lance, Dark Helm, Black Belt Gi, and dual Hero Rings – one of the most basic F2P setups. Of course if you’ve already completed the Dragon Killer materia you prioritize that.

With said configuration, attacking with DKC normally allows him to strike the dragon 4 times… just like a Barrage but without the MP cost and without ticking the dragon off.

I brought along a decked out Lightning friend for the trial but my DKC was putting out way more damage against the dragon, resistance might’ve played a part in this.

All in all, this trial boss ranks among the easier ones to accomplish… heck I even managed to pull off the “Defeat with Esper” objective on the first try.

Playthrough status – till now, no sign of Lightning, Luneth, or Noctis. The raid event is due in a couple of hours and I’m gradually finishing off a 6* Medius… just because 6* units have better survivability… Grinding of some TMs because of rotten gacha luck… Barrage is in the horizon XD

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Antenolla Takedown 20161130

A bit late yes I know, but I had to finish leveling up some characters before I battled this plant which I’ve read up on to be quite the challenge. I’m going for the Two-Headed Dragon soon, just farming gears now because I got mediocre summons for 28 attempts now (25 Tickets 3 Dailies) so might as well take everything Mog King is offering.


Antenolla is a temperamental four-part enemy which has 580,000 HP and is practically immune to all elemental attacks (un-equip all elemental swords and spears else they’ll be doing 0 damage to Antenolla). There is a move list available for each turn and while that is very useful, I find keeping some pointers in mind to be as equally important.


1. DO NOT kill the flower (Antenolla A) first as the other parts will go on a rampage and wipe you out with absolute certainty.
2. Power break must be kept at all parts consistently. Think of Antenolla as a team that has incredibly high ATK – your survival depends on lowering this and keeping your defenses up while whittling down the HP of each individual part.
3. Cloud of Darkness (CoD) is imperative for this challenge because thats the only way you’re going to be placing attack reduction on all parts of Antenolla within the first turn with her Aura Ball. There’s just no better alternative to her.
4. Antenolla is pretty tame and fires off ST attacks often when you’re doing the part-by-part killing method so having a solid cover tank with provoke is preferential… If you have Snow already I can imagine this to be an easier challenge.
5. Ethers of all levels are important because Antenolla has this habit of draining nutrients from your team and without MP it will be impossible to defeat.
6. The main flower has an attack called Prismatic Spore which will assuredly kill one character, just hope this isn’t your healer or you’ll be forced to use a Phoenix Down.
7. Prefer ST attacks over AoE or multi-target ones as it will affect your timings.


Here’s the team that I beat Antenolla with:
Vaan – Breaker – Full Break rotation, occasional Cura
DK Cecil – Attack 1 – Raging Fist (replace it with another ST attacker if you have one)
CoD – (Required!) Aura Ball, Attack 2 – Call of the Void
Cecil – Cover Tank – Curaja, LB if available
Refia – Healer – 1st and Final Turn Embolden, Curaja, Full-Life as needed
Lightning Friend – Attack 3 – as OP as possible mainly for damage AND not equipped with an elemental weapon

When only two pieces were left, I had considered alternating attacks to bring down both part’s HPs together but quickly went back to killing just the other part.


When all that was left was the flower, I could already feel the mace in my hands XDD


Antenolla hit me with around three Prismatic Spores within our battle, including that last turn when it felled my Refia. That’s basically the setup to get your Thorned Mace, which is really powerful in Arena.


You’re next Two Headed Dragon! See you at the Farplane! Here’s my seasons greetings to all the FFBE players! May your pulls always be prismatic and your unit list overflowing with Moogles (and Pots) ^^


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Maxwell Takedown 20161119

Finally! I think I’ve wasted like four full refills on this trial, by far the hardest, most finicky RNG, and rewarding of them all, netting a 5* character if you can accomplish the task – which seems incredibly simple, but is anything but… evoke Diabolos.

Maxwell, the Creator

Maxwell, the Creator

The Trial of the Creator requires a very specific party to complete and even then there’s still the chance that Maxwell will cast four Genesis attacks and level your party without remorse in an odd turn.

This is a no-TMR run with a CoD friend that has DW and Rising Sun, nothing superlative.


Discussions on Reddit point toward this specific party build:

  • Full Breaker (There’re plenty of these now) (5*Vaan)
  • Provoke Tank + Healer (6*Cecil)
  • Healer (6*Refia)
  • DPS 1 Dark Element/Man-Eater and Barrage (6*CoD)
  • DPS 2 Barrage unit that hits more than once (5*Bartz)
  • DPS 3 Yet another Barrage unit (6*CoD with DW)


The key timings to consider are:

  1. Every 4th turn Maxwell will cast Rune and Sacred Song buffing her attack. This MUST be Dispelled immediately after.
  2. When Maxwell goes under 60% Meteor is cast – this is a powerful single target ability that is practically useless against Cecil. You must have Provoke on to avoid this damage. She usually pairs this with Resurrection which returns her HP over 60%
  3. When Maxwell goes under 30% Endless is cast – this is an unrelenting AoE skill that she usually couples with Revive that returns her HP over the threshold.
  4. Randomly Maxwell may cast Destiny which will kill practically any non Light resistant character. This is her most powerful single target attack.

And because of the degree of difficulty, I even had a paper with me so that I could count the turns properly.

Turn 1 – Embolden (or Cheer if thats what you have), Focus, Full Break, DPS, DPS, DPS
A lone Genesis is cast by Maxwell at this time, she’s down by around 15-20%

Turn 2 – Provoke, Imperil, Cura (since damage isn’t that high yet) DPS, DPS, DPS
Maxwell unleashes a flurry of attacks, she’s down by nearly 40% by now


Turn 3 – Heals and Attacks (if you’re lucky, you should have the esper bar to around 50% already at this point)
Maxwell will attack you with Meteor once the 60% threshold is passed, she did that here, and it hit Cecil.

Turn 4 – This is the round that will define your survivability – Curaja Cecil and Block with everyone else
Maxwell will attack with the usual Rune and Sacred Song combo – this will hurt, hopefully it doesn’t kill your characters. She also applied Resurrection at this time… Impossibly so, Bartz lived through the ordeal. Maxwell now has ATK UP.

Turn 5 – Dispel and reinstated Full Break, pick up the pieces with heals, revives, feathers and elixirs if necessary. In my winning playthrough, I was able to fill the esper bar here and evoke Diabolos – it will have minor damage so don’t rely on it to even hurt Maxwell, it wont.
Maxwell cast Destiny on Vaan… he died.

— This is the cycle that you must strive to maintain. Keep Focus and/or Omni up as most of the critical hits are magical and SPR/resistance is important. Also don’t neglect Breaks on Maxwell as her normal attack damage will require you more than just a Curaja. The rest is how my fight unfolded. —

Turn 6 – Resurrected Vaan with Full-Life, with the challenge completed, I decided to go all in on the attack now. A trio of Call of the Void lands on Maxwell which brings her HP under the threshold for Endless.
Maxwell started off with Endless (expected ouch!) and healed herself up a bit. At this moment I still did not have any protective buffs up so this attack decimated my team leaving only Cecil, Refia, and my CoD alive

Turn 7 – Full-Life on CoD friend, feather on Vaan, and Curaja hoping against all hope that I survive.
Maxwell started attacking Cecil and finished off with a Genesis. Thankfully, Vaan and CoD survived by the skin of their teeth.


Turn 8Maxwell is going to once again cast Rune and Sacred Song after my turn so I decided to go all out on this attack to finish off the trial and finally get my Maxwell… hopefully!
With my Bartz floored and two of my units at perilously low HPs I buffed both Embolden and Focus and topped up some MP for the DW CoD and blasted Maxwell with three more Call of the Void.


The fight lasted 19 minutes, and while this isn’t the longest (Greater Demon takes the cake for that) its the most grueling and mechanic specific battles from FFBE Global. Hope you get your Maxwell too!


See you on the Farplane!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Pumpking Reaper Takedown 20161030

I’ve been without internet connection for about a week because of a trip, and when I finally got to re-open the FFBE app, there was an update with Olderion, the new Trial Boss, and the Pumpking Reaper. Naturally NRG will be required to complete all of them and I chose to start with the Pumpking Reaper…

I initially went into the battle with the team that I used for the ADV Pumpkin Rider AND without Survivor Flasks… big mistake! Thats 20 NRG down the drain – not only are the AoE attacks quite powerful, the full team death counter had guaranteed my loss within the Pumpking Reaper’s first turn.

To battle it, I thought of using the 2 Edgar Chainsaw combination and used up 20 Tickets to try and get another Edgar to come up (having just the one)… sadly, there isn’t anything to show for that attempt leave for my second Exdeath, a Medius, and four Black Cat Lids (remember to not use the banner when trying for a character that is not within the current boosted pool – it’s among my worst draws ever!)…


I read up more on this technique and saw that “Auto Bowgun” can be used instead and figured I can level up Medius to do the combo but soon realized that he couldn’t equip a single elemental weapon… finally I checked out Carrie a 3-Star Max character that can be acquired from friend points… I’ve been keeping one to get that Sunbeam TM out and to my delight, this character can use a sword just like Edgar.

I began testing out how the timings work with this skill with the initial knowledge of triggering first the lengthier animation skill prior to Auto Bowgun… I was sweeping through Maranda Coast with Edgar, Carrie, and Medius in tow with a couple of Kefka’s to determine the best timing strategy… I had also tried it with the Colloseum with not that much luck. If this didn’t work, the alternative was to invite a Lightning with TMs equipped (Excalibur/s) to obliterate the Pumpking Reaper.

I attempted this run with a Kefka friend initially (dual Hyperdrives), but the most I can get the Reaper’s health was towards the red. I replaced Kefka with a “normal” Lightning friend and was finally able to wipe the floor with the Pumpking Reaper.


The following are my findings with this strategy:

  • The full combo doesn’t seem to connect beyond a second multi-hitter I believe I read somewhere that there is a max combo multiplier currently in effect.
  • To pull this off with the party I was using, it was imperative that SPR break be applied within the first turn so that the collective damage will be enough to end the battle.
  • And that the Death Scythe is an amazing weapon which players should really aim to get… I’ve wasted a considerable amount of resources even though I really didn’t need to, but the weapon and skill is incredibly useful.

Here was my party setup:

Cecil / Focus, Flask, Curaja, Saint’s Wall
Vaan / Full Break, Flask (this slot can be replaced with a SPR breaker that has attack… slot Diabolos into this character’s esper and significant damage can be applied to the reaper)
Edgar / Auto Bowgun – Combo 2 equipped with Coral Sword
Carrie / Auto Bowgun – Combo 1 equipped with Coral Sword
Kefka / Hyperdrive – Damage 1
Lightning / Crushing Blow – Damage 2


The clicking sequence once all skills have been set are as follows: D1, D2, C1, C2
With enough luck, Carrie should be alive to activate over three chains to significantly put down the reaper’s HP, I believe my battle had reached turn 7 before the final blow was dealt.


Hope this helps others as an alternate strategy to a TM strapped Lightning friend… I’ll get that Wizard Rod later… (it’s not gonna go away anyway ^^)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – ADV Colloseum S-4 Wyrm Takedown

Apart from the current ELT exploration challenge ongoing, I had spent a great deal of time and Collo Orbs attempting a win against the Wyrm duo on this particular level of the Colloseum. So much so that I dreaded going back and using Orbs there because I might just bring the total back down to zero however it seems that I now have a perfect counter… the key with my solution is not allowing them to cast the dual Needle Breath which simply destroys everything when it chains – its a powerful wind attack and I had considered getting Baraerora prior to fighting back.


I did have to wait a bit until I’ve completely leveled Cecil to his glorious 6 star form but I can probably pull this off with a Charlotte on the same slot, so there really isn’t a need to have any six stars for this configuration. party comp as follows:

Cecil / Tank / Focus Unit should have Blizzara for chain
Vaan / Full Break / currently equipped with Siren for defense song but not really required but it is a possible safety net if you’re not able to finish both of them off on cycle 4
Kefka / Lead Mage / 390 MAG / Blizz-chain finish
Tellah / Mage 2 / with Ifrit for Power Break… Blizzaga
Exdeath / Mage 3 / Blizzaga


It’s a fairly simple concept with a very specific move sequence:
Turn 1: Focus, Full Break, Power Break, Blizzaga, Blizzaga
Turn 2: Full Break (partially broken Wyrm), Blizzara-ga-ga-ga
Turn 3: Defense Song (safety net), Blizzara-ga-ga-ga

And that’s it. I’ve run it, just now, twice, without any hitches. I am currently using the same strategy to go through S-5, wait a bit for me Europa!. Power breaking the other Wyrm on the first turn negates the need to heal up and frees up one of the characters to participate in the Blizz-chain.

Hope this helps you in your Colloseum run. See you in the world of Lapis!

BTW… the consequent Frost Dragon that’d give out the Blood Sword Recipe… packs one hell of a bite and can definitely KO if you’re caught unawares. I used my alternate (physical) team for this one.

UPDATE… I’ve completed the ADV Colloseum using the same setup against Europa… I’m setting my sights now on that Blood Sword after a few repeat runs on the ADV Colloseum S-Tier ^^

Asus ROG Masters – Setting the Tone for Philippine E-Sports

All this talk about games is bringing me back to the Skydome at SM North Edsa where the final matches for DOTA2 and CS:GO that determined the Philippine representatives to the regional finals of ROGMasters had transpired.


It was an area chock full of excellent e-sports technologies coming from the global powerhouse that is Asus. All of the latest ROG (Republic of Gamers) systems were on display hosting a game title each for attendees to try out its responsiveness and superior graphics.


The celebration includes a number of cosplayers who donned popular game characters to the delight of all… of course Asus’ very own Zeny had been present showing everyone a good time dancing to the tune of whatever was streaming over at the time.


An area was dedicated to the mobile segment as well showcasing all the variants of the Zenfone 3 to be released on the Philippine market.


The most important area, the stage, had been set up so that two teams will be playing each on one side, separated by a massive screen where the ongoing game would be cast for everybody else to experience with a commentary from game experts managing the feed.


There were no CPU units there (apart from the displayed ones), all the players were on the latest Strix variant for equivalence; these are set behind a massive Asus widescreen G-Sync monitor and a gaming grade keyboard and mouse pair each – an approximated Php200k within each setup!


Fancy lighting and confetti rained on Mineski (CS:GO) and TNC (DOTA2) that day, they’ll get on a plane and enter the world stage once more at the Southeast Asia qualifiers in KLM as the Philippine reps in this prestigious Asus tourney in November. Events like these signal the permanence and the promise of e-sports in the future of our country.


Hats off to AsusPH for taking it on themselves to facilitate FPS and MOBA tournaments transcending into the global stage elevating the level of e-sports into profession.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Enchanted Maze Guide

The Enchanted Maze has been opened up for Global FFBE players! Here’s all you need to know about this brisk 10 energy run:

In total there are six floors, each seen below:

Floor 1 Metal Minituar Encounter

Floor 1 Metal Minituar Encounter

Floor 2 Gil Snapper Encounter

Floor 2 Gil Snapper Encounter

Floor 3 Metal Cactuar Encounter

Floor 3 Metal Cactuar Encounter

Floor 4 Gil Snapper Family Encounter / Mini Burst Pot

Floor 4 Gil Snapper Family Encounter / Mini Burst Pot

Floor 5 Metal Cactuar Family Encounter

Floor 5 Metal Cactuar Family Encounter

Floor 6 - 3x Minituar Drops either Screamroot or Star Quartz

Floor 6 – 3x Minituar Drops either Screamroot or Star Quartz

  • If you pass a door and no more doors lie ahead that means its the end of your run and you encounter a single Metal Gigantuar as a consolation prize – this is the minimum net output of the Enchanted Maze (35000 EXP from Metal Gigantuar and first Metal Minituar encounter)
  • It is better than either the ADV Chamber of Experience and theoretically the INT Chamber of Awakening
  • A Mini Burst Pot can randomly be encountered on the fourth floor making the rewards that much sweeter
  • The progression probability is 2/3 doors at the moment and is totally randomized which means repeating the same pattern has a likelihood of different endings
  • Bringing a TM farming team is recommended because there are no hard encounters within the maze

The enchanted maze is a very fast way of expelling energy and the star quartz reward is simply very satisfying if you manage it. 6* awakening materials will be dropped from here starting September 30th so right now its a fun way of netting some star quartz to exchange for secret shop goodies like earrings and such.

This event ends on the 10th of October. How many Burst Pots/Star Quartz have you gotten by now? I’ve only managed two perfect runs as of writing… will most likely go through the maze even more times as long as there’s a character that requires EXP… see you guys on the Vortex!