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Targus’ Seoul 2017 Collection Backpacks – Built For the Digital Native

Targus, being one of the very first brands known for quality materials and reliability, has come out with a palette of backpacks for the youth of today. The aesthetic is not one you’d think would be sporting a host of electronics within it and that is a very good thing especially since it wards off any interest of the contents inside.

Don’t get me wrong though, as far as backpacks go, this line rakes in plenty of stuff and exudes style while doing so… and they go for a very enticing Php3,990 only!

Full PR after the jump.

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LG 2022 Concept Phone Demoed

On the just completed KDrama series – “Tomorrow With You”, LG showed us a rather interesting piece of future technology. While everyone’s eyes are on the Samsung’s Note 8 and its almost bezel-less design and impending release, here we have a not so subtle hint at technology that might just be under development by the Korean competitor.

! Some spoilers might be inferred from the images to follow so if you have not yet watched the final episode, stop reading now !

It appears first at the gallery held by So Ri the friend of the female protagonist, Ma Rin:

They’re watching what appears to be a Youtube Live of a person (Secretary Hwang) talking about predictions that were leaked online. The branding is very visible and we don’t see any of it (phone brands) while the series was ongoing. The phone appears to be a curved glass model, fully transparent and without any side bezels.

It reappears at the residence of the male protagonist Yoo So Joon on a table upon receiving an email notifiction. It starts off in standby and comes to life with the alert.

This model is flat, unlike the previous one. Looking at it frame by frame, we could see some bleeding of the image here so it might have really been an image map on a planar surface that gets tracked.

Towards the end, we see more of it in action used inside a car and the final conversation between the lovers; once again there’s amazing tracking happening here – if it really is a mapped image only. The transparencies and the projection of the light are all too finely thought of.

This is for both the flat and curved version.

It’s a very possible scenario and what gets me is that the brand wont simply put their name there would they? It might have been an extremely expensive product placement for a non existent design, but then again this is broadcast and movie magic still applies here… What do you guys think?

2017 Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair

From March 15-19, a trip to the Megatrade Halls at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City will take you on a food trip all over the country. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), specifically the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion and the DTI-Regional and Provincial Offices, has organized the SikatPinoy National Food Fair 2017.

The free admission encourages the general public and corporate buyers to sample and purchase the delicacies. Three special set-ups can be found at the event: an organic products showcase and a hydroponics garden, a display of halal-certified products from the Bicol region, and a selection of food items from the Zamboanga Peninsula.

The fair’s theme is Piling PilingPagkaing Pilipino, and the 200+ SMEs present are certainly a diverse mix. Traditional food items like pili nuts, coco jams, arrowroot cookies, kakanin, and bagnet are well-represented, as well as non-food items like coconut oil and wooden tableware. New twists on old items like flavored lambanog, fruit wines, chocolate with coco sugar, and flavored fish in oil are hits as well.

For health-conscious people, avoid the cebuchicharon and go for the herbal teas and organic juices. Vegetable flavors of your usual polvoron or siomai, plus veggie-based snacks are also a good way of introducing some healthy options to kids.

Aside from the numerous stalls offering free tastes at every turn, there will be lectures and cooking demonstrations. Here is a schedule of the program:

The fair runs from 10am to 9pm. For more information, call (02) 751-3223 or email

Workstation Feature – Instructor Mode

Student grades have finally been elevated to the CRS (that’s the university’s management system) and whenever there is the need to get a lot of things done, my workstation often transforms into this, with subtle variations each time:


That’s the Asus Zenbook UX31E, the Logitech Alto, a Logitech M280, and an Acer P166HQL

Why the Asus Zenbook UX31E?

This would’ve been the HP Probook had I not gotten the UX31E (else if something more graphic intensive were being created). But the sheer resolution of the Zenbook (1600x900px) is around the sweet spot for viewing expansive spreadsheets without having to scroll about as much compared to when using conventional commercial resolutions.

Why the Logitech Alto?

Readers will probably find this technology “retro” already, but the Alto is so much more than just an external keyboard.

First off, whenever there is a need for numerical entry, there’s just no beating a numpad – hands down, its the fastest entry method available.

Grading requires plenty of numerical input… a whole lot of it, and while it is possible to just plug an external numpad, the feel of a full keyboard that isn’t influenced by heating, like the laptop keyboard is, and one where you’re absolutely certain where the numpad will be at all times gives you further efficiency. The Alto also has a dedicated calculator key, which you really wont find anywhere else these days… I found that I’ve been hitting it a lot during this activity.

The Alto elevates the main screen to eye level, which relieves strain from the user’s neck as opposed to an unmounted tilted laptop screen that makes one bow down a bit to match its angle – this is always important for posture and wellness when not using a standing desk (even when ^^)

Another benefit of the Alto is it acts as a USB hub providing access to three (unpowered) USB slots from the single one that it connects to… that’s plenty especially for ultrabooks.

Seeing as the Alto is the only mechanical keyboard I have – the tactile response feels great as an indication that work is actually being completed XDD

Why the Logitech M280?

The M280 is a no-nonsense wireless mouse that does what it’s intended to do exceptionally well and uses only one battery at that! It is part of the Logitech Unifying system so it plays well with peripherals of its generation. I do have a few technically superior mice around but for “grunt” work – the M280 is a contender.

Why the Acer P166HQL monitor?

There’s really no reason, any monitor would work with this setup, as long as it fits in the table. The advantage of working with a dual monitor system is in the ability to have a reference up at one screen while working on the other – especially useful when cross examining data and evaluation. Of course a bonus would be if the resolution of both the main screen and the extended screen match up against one another that screen elements wont suddenly become larger when they proceed to the other screen.

That’s the lowdown of the system that I’ve been working with for at least two days, nothing too fancy but purposeful and efficient. Maybe at the end of 2017 if this becomes a requirement again, let’s see what updated hardware we can find ^^

ALERT – Coldplay Asian Tour Globe Pre-selling Nov 20


Alright, here’s the rundown: if you’re a Globe subscriber:
1. Text GLOBECOLDPLAY to 2363 on November 18 starting at 9:00 AM this reserves two (2) tickets, according to the microsite.
2. Within one hour from your message reception, you should receive a reservation code.
3. Keep the reservation code so that you can purchase from SM Tickets branches on November 20
4. Only 2 tickets per Globe/TM number will be allowed

Below are the ticket types and prices:


On top of that, if you’re using a Citi card, you can purchase tickets already on the 21st and the 22nd

I thinks thats about as simple as it can be right! Prep your drafts already because the line will be flooded… no seriously. Here are additional FAQs from the microsite:


For more details head on towards the jump.

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PSA: Distracted Driving Act 101


I encountered this while browsing around and I figured, since it also applies to me personally, I’d make a summary of what it contains to help people figure it out quickly.


In the purest sense this bill promotes non-use of mobile devices for the driver… but its not entirely preventing it.


If you have a hands-free headset (which means you’re not holding your phone) AND the mobile is not impeding your line of sight then everything’s A-OK. This act is in effect even when you’re stopped at a red light. So the gist of it is – if you’re spotted holding your phone while on a road you will be penalized!


Only emergency vehicle drivers are exempted… or if you’re calling in to report to them.


Penalties start from Php5,000 to Php20,000 and license revocation if you get caught 4 times.
AND if you’re a PRO license holder OR you get caught near a school zone, that is subject to a much graver penalty.

That’s it for this public service announcement from Gadgetshelf ^^

Reference: Full Act Text

Ableton Push 2 Controller – See Your Music Come To Life

A controller, for those who are not familiar with the term, is a version of an input device that is specifically attuned to a singular piece of software. It is unlike the keyboard and mouse which works across the operating system and programs… the controller enables the user to access functions with great eaae and without having to fiddle around with virtual sliders and knobs.


This evening (June 3), at the MAO Den inside Black Market in Sabio St., Makati the Ableton Push 2 is being demoed.


The Push 2 from Ableton, is an incredible leap from its predecessor in that this new one has a color LCD providing much needed visual feedback away from that on the computer screen. This allows the user to get more tasks completed just on the controller rather than constantly referring back to the screen of the computer to which it is connected to.


Hosting this demonstration was none other than legendary frontman Raymund Marasigan. He’d been introduced to the Push 2 a bit earlier and had some time to experience the controller first hand.


Ed Rollo, one of the founders of Sol Passion Music and long time user of Ableton products, masterfully crafted music in front of our very eyes in practically no time at all (around 30 mins according to him, if he weren’t narrating each step he was taking).


There’s plenty of jargon: words like pitch, reverb, delay, tracks, scales, slicing, quantize, and the like among the simpler ones. These of course all pertain to manipulating sound by putting each in a sequence one by one eventually ending up with a pattern that loops over “time”. For the uninitiated this might actually be quite a lot to digest but with expert guidance Ed showed one participant how easy it actually is to create beats and loops with the controller.


One of the more daunting parts of using the controller is the central area which houses a considerable number of keys that light up differently depending on the “view” that the user is currently on. There’s one for actually sequencing a kit, another that maps chromatic keys into the entire board, there’s also another one where timelines are placed into rows allowing duplication and other cool trims to be accomplished. There is also the all important play and record/overdub button which, when activated, place keys pressed during the sequence playback into the current active timeline. Below is a condensed version of the workflow that we followed through with Ed:

Truthfully, the learning curve isn’t all that steep (backend / software side notwithstanding) and any user level can be creating music in no time at all. It’s an essential accessory for any artist/producer.


Php39,500 would net you an Ableton Push 2 from JB Music stores, right now is on sale at Php33,575, it comes with a basic version of Ableton that can be upgraded for a little bit more money 😄


The evening was capped off with performances from Ed, Abdel Aziz, and Squid 9 – @raymsmercygun himself organically making tunes with the controller. The Ableton Push 2 has been in the market for around 6 months prior to this evening’s display.

WeeMall Christmas Madness 2015


Did we not tell you that there were plenty of sale events where you can spend your Christmas bonus? If you’re still holding on to some, this type of sale might just be up your alley.

Looking at the brand list and with a 70% reduction badge, the WeeMall Christmas Madness is looking pretty enticing wouldn’t you say so? It looks to be more on the side of bags and audio items so audiophiles can troop to the physical warehouse to land that set of sweet sounding phones/speakers with even a bag to boot!

Mark it down on your calendars guys!

New Lightning Camera Connection Kit from Daiso

When Katsy was on her migration into the iPad Mini (from the iPad 2), one of her main qualms had been the official camera connection kit which had a short cable stem very unlike the previous 20-pin version which attaches itself into the bottom of the device. Naturally, the migration happened and had been progressing without a camera connection kit like before… until last night when we took home one from Daiso! (It works, thank goodness!)

From the content creator’s standpoint, this peripheral allows for the creation of posts with shots coming from a camera without the need for an intermediary (like a computer) to get the images onto the iPad. With this and the physical keyboard cover, the iPad mini becomes the lean mean blogging machine that it was meant to be!

While one can argue that the presence of wifi equipped cameras negates the need for such, this method allows for continuous web connectivity unlike the former which would require the user to disconnect from one network to get to the one created by the camera… a tradeoff, true, but it does have its usefullness… after all you can do this without the need for battery power!

Utility goes beyond simple file transfers as is illustrated within the box (must test that physical keyboard compatibility stat!) and comes at an incredible value all things considered! Of course you shouldn’t expect Apple quality precision with the accessory – seen here beside an original, first generation kit:

All aspects of it pale in comparison to the original. To wit, the Apple product appears totally seamless whichever way you look at it; on the other hand, there isn’t even an attempt to hide the joinery of the alternative. What’s more: all the lettering and symbols appear crisp, clean, and as if applied by a laser on the original versus what appears to be a transfer sticker job on the alternate.

Don’t even get me started on those pins and card connections! I actually had to rifle through some of the stock to choose one of the better ones (least imperfections on the final product wins!). But all of that is beside the point really, for as long as one is able to perform this file importation, that in itself is a huge time saver and could mean the difference for time sensitive content.

This should be widely distributed among the popular Japanese item establishments and you could get one for less than two hundred pesos!

The CP-40P Laser Meter – An Alternative to the Tape

Ever since I started to use a laser measure a few years back, I found using the traditional tape such a bother. That is why when I had to part with the Bosch instrument from the office, it was like taking a few steps back… recently however, an opportunity from Lazada had allowed me to shop for my very own! Hence we’re looking now at the CP-40P!

Selecting the final tool was quite the deliberation. I had previously only used one Bosch and one Stanley model – the Bosch available yet appears too pricey whilst the Stanley cannot be found among the listings. One other brand had been able to take up my interest because it had been featured on a YouTube review being utilized by another professional. There are plenty listed without brands and that is a bit risky because it is precision that we are talking about here; you wouldnt want to be taking home a device that wont give you the proper measurement now would you.

And so while choosing one from this list of unnamed and unbranded devices I had a very simple criterion – that despite being from an unknown origin it should be able to maintain a level of professional bearing. Only the CP-40P stood out from the crop because of the buttons being finished in matte unlike 95% of those in the listings having a less than desirable, shiny, plastic, and fake looking control set. And so within a little over a week it was delivered, protected by no less than an inch thick of bubble wrap.

Inside was a small box that housed within it a couple of tripleA batteries, a hand strap, a linen pouch, instructions in folded paper, and of course the laser measure. I immediately tested it against a tape of course and I found it to be quite the compelling contender.

There really isnt much difference from the models I have used earlier, this feeling even more capable because somehow now Ive finally been able to read the actual instruction set. There arent any problems measuring straight lengths, it can do the usual area/pythagorean calculations, it can flawlessly shift from metric to english and vice versa, it has the ability to remember up to five measurements that have been recently taken (for when a pieve of paper isnt immediately available), and it can do continuous measurement for when doing calculations on the fly!

The screen is like that being used on calculators and an LED light can be activated should there be difficulty in deciphering the display. It is housed within a combination of plastic and rubber which seem to be capable of withstanding shock (as should all manner of construction equipment should be… but something Im not about to test at the moment haha).

There isnt any spirit level nor is there a thread for mounting but those arent dealbreakers for the price it is at. An advantage is that it is powered by only two triple-A batteries, unlike previous ones I’ve handles that require three. Not only is it much more economical, you can simply purchase a set of two batteries and continue measurements should you run out!

Truth be told, anyone would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with using one of the laser measures that fall under the unbranded/unnamed category – it can do just as much and then some. Grab yours today!