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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Shadow Bahamut Trial Takedown 20170513

This esper-trial-raid boss is among the easier ones when you get the hang of it’s dynamic. I’ve wasted exactly 160NRG before kicking it to the curb. Didn’t get all achievements but this very easy method will get you the win… for now, if it indeed is a bug when Megaflare doesn’t fire.

Only the very first couple of turns are important here. Buff SPR over 40% with one character and defend with the rest. This character will go down because of the Megaflare while the rest would be hanging on by some measure.

Next turn would see your party being buffed with elemental resistance via Omni Veil or some other elemental buff coverage like it. Then just attack with skills or otherwise without breaking any stat (neither full or partial should be used) Revive, heal up, and just maintain SPR up + elemental resistance and you should have it down no problems.

Shadow Bahamut has one threshold attack in the form of Maelstrom which will hit for 99%of remaining HP. Heal from this and continue the pattern to defeat the Shadow Bahamut.

See you guys on the Farplane! 

The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom – Photo Powerhouse

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this phone packs all the great features that one can find on the third generation of Zenfones bar none… well except maybe for the Snapdragon 800 series but still, the Zenfone 3 Zoom has perfect synergy with its 5000mAh battery, energy efficient Snapdragon 625, and its bevy of three prime lenses providing a flexible range of shooting options for practically any application, all in a very thin but very powerful unibody frame.


When I got my hands on the unit for this review, I decided to use it purely for its intended purpose of photography already being well acquainted with the capability of the Snapdragon within it as it is of similar spec to my own Zenfone 3. This review was made on a Zenfone 3 Zoom unit that remained on the Marshmallow platform, thus your experience may differ should yours be already in Nougat, which truly is quite fast and responsive compared.

Alright, so whats the deal with the dual cameras of the Zenfone 3 Zoom? – To put it bluntly, it offers two different perspectives on a particular scene practically instantly – one 25mm wide angle equivalent and another 59mm portrait oriented 2.3x view compared to the standard. There is also a digital 12x zoom which can be useful in a number of scenarios.

Within the period with which I had the Zenfone 3 Zoom on me, I had been able to bring it to a concert, a resort, to a site for work, and even to a museum for ingress, apart from all the general metropolitan experience.

I had previously compared the first Zoom to an actual camera but this one I’m comparing to its non Zoom counterpart in the Zenfone 3 and based solely on its own merits as a camera system.

Real World Sampling

When I first encountered the Zenfone 3 Zoom, it was an engineering unit and the EXIF was not coming out properly. You’d be glad to know that this is not the case with the retail package.

The primary lens (on the left of image above), a 12MP 25mm equivalent Sony IMX 362 provides the best shooting experience among all of the available modes. Its snappy to fire up, and the optical image stabilization feels just right and responsive without any feeling of aggressiveness. I actually tried to find a way to disable the stabilization but there isnt any… and that’s fine especially when you suddenly shift to the zoom lens, itself being 12MP but with a 59mm equivalent focal length – a Samsung 3M3.

Closer inspection of images from the two lenses reveal a semblance of artifacting with the Samsung sensor as well as a bluish tone while the Sony remains neutral and crisp even in high contrast areas. This comparison made in an overcast environment (relatively low light).

100% crops

Hitting the zoom button cycles three zoom levels, none of which reach the 12x limit – from 1x, 2.3x, and then a middling 5x. Below is an example of all the pertinent zoom levels… this bird was roughly 10 meters away, I measured… twice.

With enough distance (a lot) natural bokeh can be achieved by both rear lenses, you can see it in action with the following shots. Note also that in very bright shooting scenarios, both sensors perform similarly and the user would get more detail up close when using the 2.3x zoom.

100% crops

Along with the convenience of being able to pull it out of one’s pocket for instantaneous imaging, there is that single tap zoom-in taking it a notch higher than what we’re generally used to. And while you might think that you won’t be using this feature that much, you’ll eventually find yourself hitting it just because it is there, ready and available.


The Zenfone 3 Zoom provides the user with a flexibility in shooting otherwise missed with a single lens setup. Coupled with the optical image stabilization it allows for viability when shooting in low light and it is effective whether the front or the rear camera is used especially when the image‚Äč objective is primarily a social media share.

This does not mean that photos captured from the Zenfone 3 Zoom cannot be printed out, on the contrary, setting up a scene in manual mode would provide quality enough even for an A0 print straight out of the camera (proof).

With an incredible design, powerful battery, and a trio of prime cameras with a bevy of shooting modes and zoom states, this Php 23,995 smartphone package is almost impossible to match.


Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone Live Unveiled

An air of mystery had been hovering about the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom this past week as teaser photos kept cropping up of a brand new ambassadress for their camera-centric Zenfone 3 variant.

At the Penthouse 8747 a couple of days earlier, Yassi Pressman, popularized for her role as Alyanna in Probinsyano, had been revealed to be the new face of the Zenfone 3 Zoom during the smartphone’s launch alongside a completely new and very compelling offering in the Zenfone Live which is a budget friendly device that features the world’s first “live beautification mode”. Yassi expressed her delight on the excellent front facing camera, itself a prime lens in the 13-megapixel f2.0 Sony IMX214, as well as the longevity of the Zenfone 3 Zoom’s 5000mAh battery that is coupled with the very efficient and capable Snapdragon 625.

The event had also been graced by celebrated photographer-ambassadors Ricky Ladia and Jasper Tejano, both of whom are completely convinced of the power and the capabilities of the Zenfone 3 Zoom that can, according to Jasper, output exhibit worthy shots and is perfect for street photography which is his favorite genre. Ricky used the prime lenses on the Zenfone 3 Zoom for everything from landscape to food photography leveraging the strength of the 25mm (Superpixel Main Camera) and 59mm (Zoom Camera) equivalent focal lengths on the twin camera system.

Participants were ushered into an experience zone after the presentation had concluded where miniatures were waiting to be taken photos of, making certain of the use of the zoom feature to catch all the minuscule details on the models and flora.

The Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL with a 4GB/64GB configuration retails for Php 23,995 and comes bundled with a JBL bluetooth speaker, a clear case, and a ZenEar.

The Zenfone Live, configured with a 5″ HD screen and 2GB/16GB memory comes in at a mind-blowing Php 6,995 touting the Zenfone 3 series design language and the latest in live streaming in the form of BeautyLive.

Two launches were done by Asus that day, at the same time and with different venues; it had been a definite challenge I’m certain but they pulled it off with nary a hitch. Kudos to the teams that made it possible from Asus and Stratworks.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Gilgamesh Takedown 20170315

At long last, at encounter number 8/9 (kept count because of the insane amount of NRG required to access the trial), I’ve finally beaten Greg (this is Gilgamesh’s alternative name)! And with just 5 units too! Did not get that Limit Break kill (10% Moogle) and the No Item (Bushido-Freedom Skill) requirement yet but I’ll be back for em most definitely.

If you have not read anything outside of this guide, here are key points to remember when doing this trial

  • Greg has 1,000,000 HP so expect a long fight
  • During the first turn Greg has a specific set of command to go thru so seals don’t need to be applied yet.
  • Greg has HP Thresholds: 80%, 50%, and 30% at which time he would (1) OHKO a unit (2) buff his DEF/SPR (3) damage your team, and dispel all your enhancements
  • ! This OHKO can be directed using provoke/draw attacks/fish
  • Greg has element based attacks which needs to be sealed which are:
  • Fire (Must Seal) MP Drain and ATK/DEF Break
  • Wind (Must Seal) Paralyze and Resistance Debuff
  • Water (Seal) MAG/SPR Break
  • Light (Must Seal) Confuse
  • Earth (Seal) ST -75% HP
  • And a global exclusive Lightning (Must Seal) Paralyze past the 50% Threshold
  • Sealing is done by hitting Greg with an attack that has the same attribute which can be from an elemental weapon, magic, or hybrid damage.
  • Equipping multiple elemental weapons with Dual Wield, allows for sealing of more than one element at a time.
  • Lightning can only be sealed by Magic or Hybrid Damage… weapons alone won’t work.
  • After Greg gets hit with the Water element the third time he will use Break which is a self buff that can easily be dispelled. You can time this so that it will coincide with passing a threshold and get a “free” turn without the need to seal. This will only happen once.
  • You also dont need to seal when passing a threshold as he will use his 3 stage attack on you.
  • Greg will attack between 6-8 times during each of his turns.

Here’s the team I had for when I completed this trial:

Noctis with DW and Ring of Lucii- Sealer 2 / Damage 2 (Light, Fire)

with DW – Sealer 1 (Water, Lightning, Wind)

with DC – Heal/Res

– Provoke Tank, Dispel

Friend – Damage 1, Support, and Sacrificial Lamb during thresholds

Things I did differently from my earlier 7/8 attempts:

  • Geared my Noctis for survivability rather than damage
  • Equipped Ramza with a lot of HP gear, had him up to around 7k
  • Used only 5 units! Yes this was the first time I attempted the trial with only 5 units and with close to no elemental overlap too!
  • Let go of Rain. Was originally using him to seal 4 elements at once using Lava Floor (Fire and Earth) with a Lightning and Wind weapon equipped.
  • Let go of Bartz. Was originally using Bartz as Sealer 2 (Gale Barrage, Water and Light Weapon) and Support with Entrust and possibly Life Giver. Will probably use him again for the No Items achievement lest I land a better MP battery unit.
  • Crafted a Water Blade which uses 3MP! This and the Stone Blade should be the sealing skills that you’re using! Forget Lava Floor!
  • With this attempt I intentionally want sealing the Earth element. It is risky, but luck was on my side this time.

Battle highlights:

During one turn, this was nearing or just over the 30% threshold, to my horror, Greg downed my Ramza with a couple of X-Slashes (curse you RNG). I had to bust out the Lightning Flask with my Noctis and left the unsealed elements to chance. Provoke was likely down at this time.

It was only past the final threshold that I had to pop an Elixir on Refia, otherwise Cecil would’ve gone down due to lack of healing and with that my chance at finally finishing Greg off.

Also used an elixir on Noctis friend to get my Warp Break chain up to finish the job.

In retrospect, I had a full LB bar on Ramza at the final turn, should’ve entrusted that to Noctis, activated Armiger, and got the Moogle >< I had forgotten all about the achievement because I was finally killing Greg LOL… or did I do that intentionally so that I’ll face him again? XDD

This trial is among the hardest in Global ATM however I do believe I spent even more NRG during the Maxwell one whilst trying to get her. How’s your experience getting your Genji Blade?

See you guys at the Farplane!

Arsenal VR One – Expanded Availability

Mallgoers eager to get their hands on their brand new mobile phone gets a treat come tomorrow (4 Mar 2017) as the primary offering from Arsenal Devices in the form of the VR One, hits MemoXpress branches nationwide.

Previously exclusively available through the online portal, this very slim, VR capable, octa-core touting, 5.2″ FHD, number makes its way into what is probably the largest chain of mobile stores in the country – MemoXpress, beginning the 4th of March of this year (2017)

Both its black and white variants should be present so don’t forget to ask for your color preference. The VR One retails for Php 11,990.

SALE! Asus Zenfone 3 Max Series

What could possibly be better than a phone that has a battery that lasts for days with excellent optics and superb build quality? One that’s on sale is what’s better!

With a thousand and five hundred of respective 5.5″ and 5.2″ units, the Asus Zenfone 3 Max has brought its price just under 10k! It’s a hard one to resist at this price point.

Kick start your summer with the phone that would tire you out before it needs to be recharged!

Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.5″ now at Php 9,995 and the Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.2″ now at Php 8,495

Arsenal and the VR One – Primed and Shipping NOW!

“Arsenal” has quite the resonance to it and the primary device under its monicker is surely something to marvel at.


The VR One is a 5.2″ JDI LTPS (Low Temp Poly Silicone) FHD multimedia consumers companion. Rocking a 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6753 with 8-cores and a 450MHz Mali T720-Mp3 GPU, this 32GB/3GB expandable combo comes with a 2800mAh battery and can survive a full day even with data – and it supports both LTE bands in the country so you can be sure that you’ll get coverage with both major networks and you can very well bring them both with the hybrid dual sim tray.


This device has a very thin profile at just 7.2mm with a full metal casing at its back and Gorilla Glass 3 up front. It also has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. The VR One does not have capacitive buttons for “back” and “multitasking” and instead uses a long press or a double click on the home button to perform the commands. The VR One charges and connects via micro USB.


If your particularity is imaging, you’d be covered with VR One’s 13MP f2.2 rear shooter (Samsung) and an 84.1 degree wide angle 8MP f2.4 front facing camera (Omnivision)



Today, the Arsenal VR One (5.2″ FHD) is announced along with the Power One (5.5″ FHD) and the Deca One (5.7″ QHD), the latter two landing and available soon.



Here we see David, Arsenal Product Manager, letting us in on the device:


The Arsenal VR One retails for Php 11,990 in either black or white and comes with a very unique Card VR headset that folds practically flat enabling VR experience literally anywhere.


Retail site – was live since 12PM 2017/02/10 PST and will soon also be available at Memoxpress outlets.


Stay tuned to this blog for more thoughts on the device after my run with it ^^

The Huawei Mate 9 and the GR5 2017 – Dual Cam Combo

A week ago, we had been invited into an intimate dinner session with Huawei’s early 2017 offerings both toting dual camera setups for a delightful photography experience on multiple fronts.


Leading with the flagship class Huawei Mate 9, we were astounded by the amount of features that they had improved on just recently coming from the immensely successful P9 series.

Huawei’s fastest Kirin 960 is at the heart of the phone supported by 4GB of RAM and judging from the responsiveness that its massive FHD 5.9″ Gorilla Glass 3 screen was giving off, this combination looks to have an excellent handle on operation and practically any type of app it comes across with.


The cameras on this device carry the legacy of the Leica partnership even further with a more advanced monochrome sensor at 20MP complimenting the 12MP color data captured by the companion RGB sensor. This technology provides 50% more detail over the P9, allows for a hybrid (digital) zoom function that comes in at an equivalent 54mm in full frame – a fantastic portrait focal length, doing all of this with increased efficiency characterized by 50% less drain on the battery. The Huawei Mate 9 now allows for 4K video capture with H.265 encoding. I’ve tried the function and it is stabilized with what appears to be OIS up to 1080p. The front camera shoots with an equivalently powerful and auto-focusing 8MP f1.9 setup.


Let’s talk about that battery for a bit here; rated at 4000mAh it’s definitely one of the beefier specs out in the market to date. Huawei’s promise – no less than two days off current with above average activity. They also introduced with this release something that they call “supercharging” which is a consistent dialogue between the phone and the charger which keeps it cool and charging at the best, most efficient rate that the bundled 4.5V / 9A charger would give out… and this differs depending on the battery level of the phone while connected.

The Huawei Mate 9 is also the first to ship with Android 7 and EMUI 5.0 out of the box, which is an even more streamlined implementation getting to most, if not all, of the phone functions and toggles within as little as 3 taps. Other features of this version of the OS are (1) Privacy Space, which can be triggered depending on the fingerprint that is used to open the device, and (2) Huawei Share, a method of transfer between devices along the lines of iOS’ AirDrop.

The Huawei Mate 9 retails for Php 31,990 and is available through Globe Plan 1999 for free and at a Php 4,800 cashout with the Plan 1499


Along with the Mate 9 the GR5 2017 also graced our presence and it has been updated with a dual cam setup of its own, this time around in a 12MP / 2MP configuration.


It boasts of a vivid 5.5″ FHD screen, the latest Fingerprint 3.0 sensor, a large 3340mAh battery, 8MP front camera, 3GB/32GB expandable configuration, and is powered by the octa-core Kirin 655 widely available for Php 13,990.


The GR5 2017 invites everyone to get into the dual-cam craze!


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Playthrough Update 20170118

Since maintenance is going to last around an hour and a half more, let me tell you about the fine early morning that I had:


That’s right, I finally pulled one of the top attackers in current meta and the most flexible among the three (Lightning, Luneth, and Noctis… hmm Gilgamesh may count so four…) to boot! I know it’s not going to be longer that Orlandeau is out but hey, Noctis should still be very relevant for content… (Chizuru come out so that we can get that Blade Mastery off of you XDD)

It was past 2AM when I finally spent the 250 for the day and when the gold stripe showed up I was still secretly whispering in my head for it to be an Ace… when it broke and reformed into a rainbow, I was too excited to take a screenshot that I had already hit the screen and the crystal already started to give off light from it’s cracks. And when the initial attack animation had died down (he’ll do a warping attack so you won’t see him immediately) I couldn’t be any happier… cause I’ve been rainbow trolled before (Duane and Gaffgarion) and that absolutely salty!

It’s funny because when he was on the banner, I had expelled all the available summon tickets and lapis I had then to no avail… and now, just a couple of weeks after, he finally joins my team! You should know that, at current time, the character pool for possible rainbow pulls is quite sizeable, as we’ve yet to get the update for a guaranteed 5-star base character upon a rainbow crystal… its a very small percentage to get a top tier non-banner unit that’s why I was channeling Ace during the few seconds of uncertainty.

I believe I have around three Mog King events worth of 6-star awakening materials just waiting to be used and it’s quite timely that I get him now that a hundred gigantuars are still available from Mog King’s stash. I can immediately awaken and max level Prince Noctis but I’m taking my time, maybe upgrade his Limit Break a bit… after all, I had been going through content with Dark Knight Cecil (DKC) as main DPS unit apart from Cloud of Darkness (CoD) for a while now. When maintenance ends, Rain should be available to awaken to 6 (though I might not just do this yet… or just awaken and not level, i’ll think about it) and Dangerous Ariana is up next with some weird farmable awakening materials… naturally I’ll also accomplish that.

As far as the events that have transpired goes, Dark Fina was an ok opponent for my current party… didn’t really need to read through the boards to take her down… it was the same for the Snowman raid event, that’s why you have not read about it from me ><

Here are some notable gacha 4-star base pulls that I have not touched yet… aggressively:


It does not include the Warrior of Light that I already have maxed out at 5 eagerly waiting for the announcement for his 6-star awakening… him along with Firion were going into the fray had I not landed an attacker in Noctis:


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius requires an incredible amount of time; It remains fun for me that’s why I’m still on it, especially since we have the JP version of the game as a measure of how much more of a future there is in the game as far as content and story is concerned. That’s it for now, I hope you also had a good day with great luck in the gacha.

Never let RNG bring you down I say ^^ See you in the Farplane!

The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom – See It and Believe

Let’s start the year right with this incredible little heavyweight from Asus. This Zenfone 3 Zoom is the second generation of their photography oriented line and it has quite the number of changes from its predecessor.


First the Zoom no longer carries the flagship processor but opts towards the more energy efficient yet quite powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, the very same one on the Zenfone 3. Also, this model has within it a 5,000mAh battery – the one that they put on the first generation Zenfone Max… and so in this package we have exceptional processing, exceptional battery, and a dual lens setup to cap off the system! Crazy right?!?

How does it look?


If you’ve handled a unit from the Zenfone 3 family, it uses all of its design language in spades. It does not have the same diamond cut detailing of the Zenfone 3 but this design change allows for it to be a very sleek singular color allthroughout.


It deviates from most of its brethren due to the placement of the dual cameras now on the upper left (looking at the back) instead of the usual central position just above the fingerprint sensor. It has a shiny glass front and a matted out back that has improved grip over the Zenfone 3.


The Zenfone 3 Zoom has further streamlined the form by putting the audio jack at the bottom instead of its usual placement at the top, this time around most of the ports are underneath leave for the SIM/microSD ejection port which remains at the left.


How does it perform?


Unlike the mechanical nature of the earlier Zoom, this lens shifting technique provides instantaneous feedback from the wide 1x view, to a very pleasing 2.3x by simply touching on the area above the shutter release. Not to mention a 12x digital zoom that can be achieved which wont show you stuff in perfect detail but I’m sure one can think of uses for it.

Here you can see how much you actually get with this zoom level:


Here are the respective full crops of the various states:

Using the Wide lens (1x)

Using the Wide lens (1x)

Using the Zoom lens (2.3x)

Using the Zoom lens (2.3x)

Using the interpolated Zoom (12x)

Using the interpolated Zoom (12x)

As this was an engineering unit, it might not have complete encoding yet as I’ve looked at the EXIF expecting different focal lengths but found them to be the same… I’m still hoping this gets adjusted in future builds/updates:


Working in the “zoomed in” mode, especially on higher values, the user would feel the stabilization in full effect slowly moving the frame ensuring a steady image capture, it’s quite the experience and comparable to ones in actual cameras with in-body stabilizers.

Both rear cameras are at 12MP each with an aperture of f1.7 that should easily lend itself to low light conditions. The front facing camera is no slouch either as it a 13MP fixed focus shooter capable of incredible detail.

It is definitely a solid build and quite an unexpected pairing too with what is among the highest battery ratings available in the Zenfone lineup and a very capable octa-core processor in tow. You needn’t worry about running out of power when the screen is always on acting as the camera’s viewfinder. Stay tuned for the availability date/range as well as the price when it hits.