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Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone Live Unveiled

An air of mystery had been hovering about the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom this past week as teaser photos kept cropping up of a brand new ambassadress for their camera-centric Zenfone 3 variant.

At the Penthouse 8747 a couple of days earlier, Yassi Pressman, popularized for her role as Alyanna in Probinsyano, had been revealed to be the new face of the Zenfone 3 Zoom during the smartphone’s launch alongside a completely new and very compelling offering in the Zenfone Live which is a budget friendly device that features the world’s first “live beautification mode”. Yassi expressed her delight on the excellent front facing camera, itself a prime lens in the 13-megapixel f2.0 Sony IMX214, as well as the longevity of the Zenfone 3 Zoom’s 5000mAh battery that is coupled with the very efficient and capable Snapdragon 625.

The event had also been graced by celebrated photographer-ambassadors Ricky Ladia and Jasper Tejano, both of whom are completely convinced of the power and the capabilities of the Zenfone 3 Zoom that can, according to Jasper, output exhibit worthy shots and is perfect for street photography which is his favorite genre. Ricky used the prime lenses on the Zenfone 3 Zoom for everything from landscape to food photography leveraging the strength of the 25mm (Superpixel Main Camera) and 59mm (Zoom Camera) equivalent focal lengths on the twin camera system.

Participants were ushered into an experience zone after the presentation had concluded where miniatures were waiting to be taken photos of, making certain of the use of the zoom feature to catch all the minuscule details on the models and flora.

The Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL with a 4GB/64GB configuration retails for Php 23,995 and comes bundled with a JBL bluetooth speaker, a clear case, and a ZenEar.

The Zenfone Live, configured with a 5″ HD screen and 2GB/16GB memory comes in at a mind-blowing Php 6,995 touting the Zenfone 3 series design language and the latest in live streaming in the form of BeautyLive.

Two launches were done by Asus that day, at the same time and with different venues; it had been a definite challenge I’m certain but they pulled it off with nary a hitch. Kudos to the teams that made it possible from Asus and Stratworks.


BREAKING! The Zenfone 3 Zoom Pre Orders have opened!

From today until the 6th of April, eager consumers can already pre order their Zenfone 3 Zoom units via this microsite!

Below is the procedure you’re about to undertake:

Pre-order Program Mechanics:

1. Pre-orders for the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (ZE553KL) are available on March 27, 2017 up to April 6, 2017.

2. Customers has to visit the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom Pre-order registration page at

3. Customers who will pre-order will get the following limited edition items.
· JBL Harman Portable Bluetooth Speakers worth Php 3,099
· ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (ZE553KL) Clear Case worth Php 699
· ASUS ZenEar worth Php 699

*Those who will pre-order from March 27 to April 6, 2017 will get an additional exclusive freebie, the ASUS Tripod worth Php 799.

4. Customers will be required to fill out a reservation form which includes the following details:

5. Customers will be notified via SMS once stocks are available for claiming. They will need to present their VALID ID and their confirmation letter and proceed to their chosen ASUS Zenfone Concept Store, ASUS Kiosk, or to any participating ASUS accredited dealer to pay the full amount on April 7th, 2017 until April 23rd, 2017.

6. Cash and credit card payments are accepted.

7. For credit card payments, ASUS Zenfone Concept Stores, ASUS Kiosk (depending on accredited banks) will honor straight, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months payment at 0% interest.

8. If the customer cannot present their VALID ID and confirmation letter upon claiming, they will not be allowed to avail of their pre-ordered units.

9. The customer’s reservation is valid from April 7th, 2017 to April 23rd, 2017.

10. Existing replacement and repair mechanics will be applicable once the unit has been availed.

11. For features and specification on ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (ZE553KL), please refer to our website at

Below are participating stores for the pre-order program:

What’re you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer from Asus!

LG 2022 Concept Phone Demoed

On the just completed KDrama series – “Tomorrow With You”, LG showed us a rather interesting piece of future technology. While everyone’s eyes are on the Samsung’s Note 8 and its almost bezel-less design and impending release, here we have a not so subtle hint at technology that might just be under development by the Korean competitor.

! Some spoilers might be inferred from the images to follow so if you have not yet watched the final episode, stop reading now !

It appears first at the gallery held by So Ri the friend of the female protagonist, Ma Rin:

They’re watching what appears to be a Youtube Live of a person (Secretary Hwang) talking about predictions that were leaked online. The branding is very visible and we don’t see any of it (phone brands) while the series was ongoing. The phone appears to be a curved glass model, fully transparent and without any side bezels.

It reappears at the residence of the male protagonist Yoo So Joon on a table upon receiving an email notifiction. It starts off in standby and comes to life with the alert.

This model is flat, unlike the previous one. Looking at it frame by frame, we could see some bleeding of the image here so it might have really been an image map on a planar surface that gets tracked.

Towards the end, we see more of it in action used inside a car and the final conversation between the lovers; once again there’s amazing tracking happening here – if it really is a mapped image only. The transparencies and the projection of the light are all too finely thought of.

This is for both the flat and curved version.

It’s a very possible scenario and what gets me is that the brand wont simply put their name there would they? It might have been an extremely expensive product placement for a non existent design, but then again this is broadcast and movie magic still applies here… What do you guys think?

Tag Heuer Connected – Modular 45 Launch

A couple of years back, the very first Connected watch had been presented by the company to the world. There had been some issues with it, nothing serious really but more on the carriage of the Swiss Made branding, you see… some components for the microchip were not being manufactured overseas; this is the primary reason why the branding could not be placed on the first iteration of the Connected line.

Fast forward to today, when that hurdle had been passed, so shall the next Connected watch carry the Swiss Made badge very proudly and prominently on the Modular 45.

The Launch

At the atrium of SM Aura Premiere, a very intimate gathering of enthusiasts and media savants were seen buzzing about. There was an intent focus on the screens on stage as they came to life with a feed direct from Switzerland for the global launch of the Modular 45. The CEO of Tag Heuer told us all about the watch, how it is able to interface with even an analog one from their collection, and even demoed the exchange on stage. His contemporary in the Philippines, Area Sales Director – Mr. Romain Cans had the only Modular 45 on during this time, the rest of the display stock en route from customs.

The Modular 45

The watch’s name comes from its size (45mm diameter) and functional capacity: it is essentially a watchface that has everything else about it customizable to an incredible degree (heck even the crown is customizable if you wished it to be).

There’s a plethora of options especially when you’re ordering one online. Getting one from a physical store limits the customer to what they have in stock, but an online order allows one to select from the full range of colors… and there’s a lot!

The Modular 45 comes with Android Wear 2.0 and has its own GPS and WiFi radios giving it a lot more options and capabilities from the first Connected model. It is almost practically an entire phone sans the GSM messaging and calling functionality. Here are the specifications of the Modular 45:

Tag Heuer Connected Studio

Apart from physical customizations to the watch, the watchface is also customizable thru the Connected Studio which allows for greater personalization displaying only the information that is fit for the user.

The Price

This collection starts from Php 81,999 and can go up to Php 162,999 for select configurations

The Modular 45 is surely a step up from its two year old predecessor, it has a price to match but the functionality that you should get out of a smartwatch is all there, engineered with Swiss precision and timeless luxury. Watchworks carries them locally so pay a visit if and when you’re looking to equip your wrist with this fine smartwatch.

Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe Launch : Transcendence

The 15th of March saw three groundbreaking Asus Zenbook 3 variants revealed in literal fashion.

Starting out with a stage flanked by lights and culminating in an area with suspended ropes, three acrylic pedestals stood in palpable anticipation.

To the tune of Get This Party Started, a stream of ladies and gentlemen in high fashion worked the runway several completing their look with a Zenbook in hand. These were the work of celebrated designer Mr. Rajo Laurel and they match the style aesthetic with definitive flair.

A few moments pass and a single female form walks through from the backstage. Her presence was met with exaltation having been fully teased prior with photos and even videos leaving very subtle clues as to her identity.

Celestial by Mark Obra on

Isabelle Daza went ahead and brought the most prestigious Zenbook 3, the finest variant, atop the central pedestal, a truly symbolic and monumental occurrence had just transpired – the very essence of transcendence.

Thence the two newest ambassadors of the prodigous Zenbook 3 Deluxe

Three size variants had been presented with the smallest – 13″ coming in with three different storage configurations : all solid state drives!

Here they are in numbers:

The Zenbook 3 Deluxe sports the latest Intel Core i7-7600, 14″ screen in a 13″ frame, FHD, 16GB, 2x Gen2 USB-C with Thunderbolt, 1x Gen1 USB-C, 4 Harman Kardon speakers, and weighs under 1Kg.

ZB3Deluxe 1TB Php 104,995
512GB Php 89,995
256GB Php 81,995

UX530 16GB 512GB GTX950M 15.6″ Php 69,995

UX430 16GB 512GB GTX940M 14″ Php 59,995

Props to @ASUSph and ID8 for a very successful and absolutely stylish launch event!


SALE! Asus Zenfone 3 Max Series

What could possibly be better than a phone that has a battery that lasts for days with excellent optics and superb build quality? One that’s on sale is what’s better!

With a thousand and five hundred of respective 5.5″ and 5.2″ units, the Asus Zenfone 3 Max has brought its price just under 10k! It’s a hard one to resist at this price point.

Kick start your summer with the phone that would tire you out before it needs to be recharged!

Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.5″ now at Php 9,995 and the Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.2″ now at Php 8,495

PSA: Do Not Get a Heavily Discounted Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at this time!


I’m posting this due to the fact that I’ve been seeing/hearing about some parties still interested in the device at present time. Why you might ask? Well it still has great specifications… but it has been riddled with problems with regards to its battery and to prevent more issues for Samsung, they’ve pushed out an update now that limits charging to 30% only! Here’s what it looks like:


Hence, if you have updated firmware, the phone will only accept 30% of its battery capacity… a realistic usage time of about an hour and a half?! That’s unacceptable in today’s mobile device utility and would require the user to bring two or more power banks just to keep it up.

The power user in me is thinking maybe I can put an alternate firmware that will change this back to original, but I don’t have one to test it with and even then, the risk that approximately 1% of owners have been exposed to might come to pass and that is a very serious matter.

These updates will push thru whether you install it immediately or cancel the notification and I’ve heard that there is an eventual update that will brick the device entirely. This is being done to force users who are still holding on to their Note 7s, to have it replaced with the other members of the S7 family (S7 and S7 Edge).

Tag Heuer Connected – A Dash Of Luxury


A timepiece is an essential part of an individual’s style, so much so that in this digital age where each phone can readily tell you the time, it is still preferred to get this information with a good old fashioned flick of the wrist. Tag Heuer recognizes the times and with the advent of smartwatches coming about, they, partnering with Google and Intel, set off to develop the very first of its kind – a luxury smartwatch… hence the creation of the Tag Heuer Connected brand and smart watch.


When I first encountered the watch what struck me the most was how big the timeface (which is round in this particular accessory) actually is… and that’s great because it benefits the user in plenty more ways than simply more swiping room to work with. The face is bound by a stationary dial with minute markings that has “Tag Heuer Connected” emblazoned on it. There are over 8 styles of watch straps that you can choose from all with statement colors that can match any outfit set you can think of.


It charges thru its cradle with a physical connection to ensure that it gets juiced up and ready without fail, which can possibly be the case if it were wirelessly charging for use during the day which is, according to Tag and tested with moderate usage, 25 hours (they intentionally put this over the 24 hour mark to ensure its usability.) Naturally, as users have varying usage levels, they’re not saying that this is an absolute.

The launch featured a half-basketball-court in line with Tag’s partnership with the PBA.


There was a challenge to shoot 5 free throws with varying rewards beginning from 3 successful hoops. It was a very nice activity that was spearheaded by PBA mainstays – Asi and Sean.


According to Tag, the “Connected” brand has a dedicated team working for it, exploring the smartwatch side of the very niche accessory industry, which really begs the question – if they’re calling the first watch from the brand “Connected” would they be calling the next one “Connected 2”? Something to think about eh?


As far as pricing goes, the smart watch goes for USD1500 hence locally one could expect it to retail over Php 60k. Also, thru their #ConnectedToEternity program, if you own the Connected smart watch, after a couple of years, for an equivalent USD1500 further, the owner gets a limited edition Carrera watch to keep, very nice right?!?


You can check out if you’d like to learn more about the latest developments in this product segment of Tag Heuer.


ALERT: 7 Days Free Pokemon GO on Smart

If you’re a subscriber on the Smart network, they’ve just announced a no-frills, no-registration 7 day exodus (free data) to help out aspiring trainers from the Philippines! Players will be notified once the period ends – Smart puts the release date at August 6 (last Saturday)

From personal experience, if one plays strategically, that should put you up to around the middle 20s in terms of leveling.

Don’t forget to be always aware of your surroundings while going after those cute little pocket monsters ^^

Full PR after the break

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PSA: Distracted Driving Act 101


I encountered this while browsing around and I figured, since it also applies to me personally, I’d make a summary of what it contains to help people figure it out quickly.


In the purest sense this bill promotes non-use of mobile devices for the driver… but its not entirely preventing it.


If you have a hands-free headset (which means you’re not holding your phone) AND the mobile is not impeding your line of sight then everything’s A-OK. This act is in effect even when you’re stopped at a red light. So the gist of it is – if you’re spotted holding your phone while on a road you will be penalized!


Only emergency vehicle drivers are exempted… or if you’re calling in to report to them.


Penalties start from Php5,000 to Php20,000 and license revocation if you get caught 4 times.
AND if you’re a PRO license holder OR you get caught near a school zone, that is subject to a much graver penalty.

That’s it for this public service announcement from Gadgetshelf ^^

Reference: Full Act Text